Booking Hotels, Apartments or Villas for big groups can be tricky especially during congress or tradeshows when accommodation can be very limited and more expensive than other times of the year. So what is the best course of action then?


Firstly find a trusted and easy to work with agent who has experience and a transparent service to provide you with all of your travel needs. Such as a website where you can find easily information about Who they are and the Services they offer, Testimonials from clients, and Where you can find them! Which is usually at the bottom of the website when you scroll down.


Have your requirements as clear as possible. This speeds up the search and means the offers you receive are the most relevant to match your criteria. So your dates are vital as prices and availability change depending on the dates. How many rooms and if they are for double or individual use is important and your budget is also key because properties vary a lot in cost so it enables your agent to search for the right hotel/villa/apartment. Depending on the availability you can select your preferred accommodation from a range of different offers, usually a minimum of 3 are provided.

Remember that availability changes all the time, so if you like a particular accommodation ask for an option deadline to hold it so you can make a final decision or get the internal approval needed for your corporate travel. Be aware when booking last minute Hotels and Owners are not always willing to put an option deadline for you, so you can ask them to let you know if anyone else is interested so you are not wasting time getting approval whilst meanwhile the property is sold.

We hope these friendly tips have helped to make your booking easier!

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