HIGHLIGHTS OF MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2023: Exploring the Latest Mobile Technology Trends and Innovations

HIGHLIGHTS OF MOBILE WORLD CONGRESS 2023: Exploring the Latest Mobile Technology Trends and Innovations

With over 88,500 attendees, Mobile World Congress 2023 was a success as we seem to have finally returned to pre-Covid numbers! The biggest mobile connectivity event in the world has come to a close for 2023. Many exciting advancements were on display as exhibitors paved the way for our future in mobile tech. Through exhibitors, demonstrations, and keynote speeches, MWC 2023 generated excitement for the next generation of tech.

Here’s what impressed us the most this year:

Hyperloop TT:

The Hyperloop TT, an ultra-high-speed ground transportation system for passengers and cargo proposed as a concept by Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, was on display this year. Initial designs may reach insane speeds of over 600km/h, with a goal to be ready for 800-900km/h soon. Although we couldn’t physically enter to experience sitting inside the bullet-like capsule, we got to envision what the interior design would be like, see the food and beverage containers (which had a spaceship-like feeling), and get a general glimpse of what is to come. Impressive to say the least!!

Robotics and Medtech:

MWC showcased the most cutting-edge robotic technologies, and we got to witness impeccably intelligent and accurate robotic arms that performed mock surgeries. The future of Medtech is clearly robotics! Imagine the accuracy, when you leave little room for human error!

Artificial Intelligence:

Even more creepy but also cute were the robotic AI puppies that pranced around, occasionally stopping to beg or even do tricks like rolling over. It’s only a matter of time before artificial intelligence takes over. According to a speech at the Telecom booth, there is a concern over AI becoming the new hackers, and even discussions around the future implications of AI and intellectual property rights. Yikes!

Metaverse and VR:

This parallel virtual world is becoming more and more important, not only for entertainment or social purposes but also applied to the field of architecture and interior design. We sat in on an exceptional demonstration of this. We also enjoyed being a bit silly trying out a Virtual Reality dance game. The best VR/AI-driven experience was hands down the Urban Air Mobility simulation, in which you could physically sit in a mock helicopter and experience flying over the crowd, and the activation of all your senses.

Formula E racecar:

This fully electric racecar with Gull-wing doors (AKA Falcon Wing doors) looked like a Monster truck meets Back to the Future car on steroids. Formula E cars can travel at a top speed of 200mph, or approx. 322 km/h. Ultimately, Formula 1 cars are still faster than Formula E, but the fact that we can power racecars with electricity now and go green in that industry is revolutionary! We were lucky enough to listen to Alejandro Agag, the Founder & CEO of Formula E, who gave an exceptional keynote speech on addressing climate change through the promotion and use of renewable energy sources on day 1 of the Congress, entitled “The Electric Odyssey: Driving Environmental Change & Diversity with Extreme E”.


We know that surrounding ourselves with plants is good for us, especially as they produce Oxygen and consume CO2, but can you imagine producing electricity using living plants!? Not only that, but you can now power entire buildings or even entire biotech cities with plants! Bioo Lux uses plants to sense human touch and activate a range of devices, such as lighting, sounds, and screens. Just tap the plant to switch it on and off. Nature is more powerful than we believe!

Best Booth Design:

If there were a competition for best booth design, NOKIA would have won it without a doubt! With its massive constantly changing graphics on circular screens and fresh nature-inspired graphics, NOKIA has refreshed and reinvented itself on a remarkable level! KUDOS to team NOKIA!

Here are some of the highlights from each day of the congress:


Keynote 1: Vision of an Open Future

Mats Granryd, CEO of GSMA kicks off MWC 2023 with an invigorating speech. Traditionally he begins with a speech about leadership and how far we’ve come. This year, he took a different approach. He explained how as kids, deciding what you wanted to be when you grow up was all up to the imagination. As one gets older reality hits and interest changes, this imagination never reaches its peak again, until now. With the advancements of 5g connectivity and mobile connectivity as a whole the future is what we decide. Whatever is imagined can be created and that is the future.

Day 2

Keynote 6: The Future of Sports and Entertainment

This keynote featured two guests. Lucy Bronz, an FC Barcelona player, and Greg Peters, co-CEO of Netflix. It started with Bronz discussing the future of Women’s soccer, how far it’s come, and what needs to happen for continued growth. The promotion was the main topic as it is what’s necessary to create excitement and bring in more fans. She also briefly mentioned the technologies used to track a professional athlete’s health and how many details are tracked. Peters discussed how Netflix is building its partnerships through its remote cloud-based editing systems as well as giving them the tools they need to make its vision become a reality. Through ISP, Netflix allows customers to access their diverse collections at high speeds all over the world, regardless of relative location to the producer. Netflix is and will continue to, connect films from everywhere with everyone.

Day 3

Keynote 8: Enter the Metaverse

This was broken down into three separate speakers. It started off with Marcus Ko, CVO and president at Dimple. He discussed the accessibility of the new metaverse world. Currently, it is only accessible through expensive gear and all aspects of it are confusing to the general public. His goal at dimple is to allow users to enter the metaverse through one click on their mobile device, making the metaverse accessible to all. Next was Nicole Lazzaro, President and Founder of XEO Design. She explained what is important when creating the metaverse, the people. When advancing the metaverse the focus needs to be on the consumer and what they want in a game. People want to interact with the entire world and be able to directly alter it. Last was Sebastien Borget, The Sandbox co-founder and COO. He explained what The Sandbox was and how they are implementing themselves into the metaverse. They allow people to implement their NFTs and use them through different games. This is the future and the first time in history one can start over and create themselves. Borget invites us, to log in and join the journey.

Our Overall Experience:

All in all, Mobile World Congress remains our favorite and most impressive tradeshow of all time. Walking through the doors of Fira de Barcelona was like walking into an entirely new world. A world filled with excitement, innovation, and room for the imagination. From buildings powered by plants to trains moving as fast as airplanes, MWC 2023 left jaws dropped. Exploring the exhibitor halls was an experience like none other. It’s hard to put into words what it feels like to get a preview of the future.

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