Eventoplus organised the Event Innovation Summit at the Hesperia Tower in Barcelona (Tuesday 14th October) and we went along to see the latest in event innovation and to share ideas and network with other Event and DMC companies.


It was a full packed day starting at 9am and finishing after 7pm! To begin there were a choice of two activities firstly exercises for maximum concentration and secondly let’s play conference. Afterwards we passed by the workshop how to create engaging meetings” by Alan McShane/ Considiom/ Lego Serious Play. Which is an experimental process designed to enhance innovation and business performance.


The highlights of the day were avant-garde 2 Michelin star chef Paco Roncero speaking about innovation in Sublimotion, the world’s most expensive dinner where magic show meets cuisine. This gastro-sensory meal set menu cost is 1,500€ per person.


Also we enjoyed “How to apply design thinking for innovation in events” by Rafael Martinex de Lajarza, A Piece of Pie. Followed by a presentation from Patryk Wezowski & Kasia Wezowski, centre for body language. According to studies we have the attention span less than a fish just 8 seconds on average to catch our attention in a meetings and corporate events, so getting people engaged and participating can be a challenge in a world of permanent distraction.


Our top innovations were:


Revolutionary electronic musical instrument designed to create and perform the music of today and tomorrow. A truly interactive experience which offers an original and magnetic audio-visual experience. You can use this with a DJ or have it simply for people to interact with. You can customize and brand the instrument to integrate ReacTable into your event. You can set the type of music to suit your taste from classical to jazz to reggae to dance club.




The future is here! Impress your guests with an air display. This piece of technology is no dream. Within the past few years, a team of Russian technicians has invented Displair: a 3D multi-touch screen technology that projects images onto an aerodynamic layer of fog. Combined by an infrared camera, projector, motion sensors, and cold fog made up of ultra fine water droplets, Displair is able to take interactive technology to the next level.



Molecular Experience

Through a complex process called “reverse specification”, Pearls shaped cocktails are made! With light pressure the pearl explodes in the mouth filling it with flavors (rum passion, coconut vanilla rum, gin & tonic, vodka roses, raspberry vodka) for the guests. Using vintage rums, high gamma vodkas, and premium gins. With approx. 6cl the pearl becomes a liquid jewel.