When traveling internationally for tradeshows and conferences, it is important to be prepared by packing well. We have compiled a list of tips on what you need to bring for next corporate business trip!


What you need to pack largely depends on where your event will be held. For business in Barcelona, Spain, it is acceptable to dress business casual to fit in with the relaxed atmosphere. Those traveling to Cannes, France will find smart, stylish outfits are preferred. Research the local culture and style before deciding what to bring.


Even though the purpose of your travel is business, you will likely have some free time to enjoy the local dining, entertainment and nightlife. Be sure to bring along comfortable, appropriate clothing so you can enjoy your free time. In Cannes, relaxed resort wear is acceptable for the evenings by the beach. Cannes also boasts many high-end restaurants, so be sure to include something suitable for a luxe dining experience. For Barcelona, you may want to bring casual clothing to wear for a night out on Las Ramblas or visiting the clubs on the beach or city centre. Bring along sportswear if you are planning to exercise or explore local outdoor adventures. Both Barcelona and Cannes have beautiful beaches, so be sure to pack swimwear if you will be visiting in the summer!


Because you will be doing business, it is essential to bring along your laptop, smartphone and tablet. Cases for each will ensure safe transportation during your travels. Most importantly, you should remember to bring chargers and adapters suitable for the country you are visiting. Though you can find adapters for sale in the airport, it will save you time and money to buy them online or at a local electronics store before you go.

Hair styling tools like curling irons and hair dryers are often the first to “blow up” when powered through international sockets, even when using the proper adapter. Leave your favorite tools at home and use the ones supplied by your accommodation or bring cheap replaceable items!


Once you have packed all of the clothes, shoes and accessories necessary, you may feel entirely prepared; however, you should also pay attention to the business materials needed. It can be easy to forget small details that are essential to your trip, so consult your colleagues and supervisors to ensure you are aware of all the necessities. A few must-have items are plenty of business cards, printed trade show material (i.e. entrance badges), presentation materials and accommodation confirmation.


Research the location you are traveling to ensure you do not require a special visa or other documents to enter the country. As obvious as it sounds, we have to include this important tip: do NOT forget your passport! Keep it in a safe place during your stay, preferably a safe within your hotel or apartment, and make a copy of it to carry with you.