Quite possibly the craziest restaurant in Barcelona, no for sure it is! By the time we reached the singing cow, the man who poops chocolate and sat in the simulator machine screaming and laughing as we were taken on a tour of Barcelona back in time we were convinced! This gastro sensory experience is not to be missed!

Opera Samfaina

La Rambla 51

Open mon- Fri 13:00 – 01:00


Tasting menus from 29 Euro per person


Showcasing Catalan culture and produce in a unique and exciting way, as you enter the restaurant you are taken through a corridor of dioramas that retrace the mythical roots of Catalan cuisine, animated and projected screens featuring drunken Zeus and Saint Jordi. Then you enter the restaurant, which has artisan specially designed features everywhere as well as projected walls and tables to keep you enthralled.



Famous Chefs Jordí Roca and brothers Joan and Josep helped create and inspire this 3D private dinning Odesia, which is an all round sensory experience. Chef Christian Bermell is adapting and continuing to improve the menu as this unique space only just opened in September 2016.





Here you will find artisan food, drinks and furniture! Delicious snacks and the best sangria in Barcelona! Don’t forget to try the 3D simulator tour of Barcelona going back to the mediaeval times.



A surprising visual & gastronomic experience for private or simply dinning 16 people, this space is to be experienced!



This cave like space takes you through the passage of the Dioramas and the storyline of Catalan culture, as you take a seat to dine watch the table come to life in a display based around the theme of the night and your dishes.



A fishing boat sails overhead as you pass through under the sea and onto the decorative fig tree and beyond to the slaughterhouse filled with porcelain Catalan sausages across the walls and ceiling. Then enter the dairy tasting room with a toy train and mechanical cow at your service. The best is saved till last with the typical Catalan Caganer offering chocolate delights from the rear end if you successfully get the goal through the mouth.


This exciting venue is the perfect place to hold a cocktail with a max capacity of around 300 pax. Contact us if you want to create your experience at Opera Samfaina Rebecca@server485250.vservers.es