One of our good MWC client’s wanted a fun party with a twist so we did a MANGA PARTY, the theme was fun and vibe was high. We had the right Venue for it in Barcelona, Sutton, one of the well-known night clubs in Barcelona.

We transformed the Venue into an urban Manga festival.

We covered the tunnel entrance walls with Graffiti Panels with Manga themed paintings, made by professional artist especially for our Night. Both walls were covered with those Paintings and each one of them had the Name of each Partner, we had the opportunity to use each element we included in the Party as Branding so all the 6 Partners had their name printed. 

As a Welcome Greeting, we had two “Manga Characters “ cheering and greeting the Guest as they were entering the Venue. It was great moment of Photo Opportunity!

Talking about photo opportunities, we included our PhotoFlash for the guests Photocal opportunities. They could have their pictures printed on the spot and share on social media.

To better enhance the Manga atmosphere and part of the animation, we included Manga Dancers, dressed in colourful clothing and wigs taking the stage at different moments of the night to dance along to the DJ’s tunes and animate people to shake their bodies

At different moments of the party these Manga themed stilt characters made their way between the guests, animating them to dance and keep up with the Manga Spirit!

Two artists specialized in comics created in live the comic book of the event! They drew performances, moments that occur with the Manga characters (scripted), etc. 

At the end of the night they collected every drawing to expose them on a wall and after the event, the artists could send you the comic book of the event (digital or printed).

LED Helium Balloons glowed on around the room with the sponsors logos.

Our client was so involved with the Party atmosphere that they even joined the DJ Cabin and had fun playing their own Music for their Guests!

It was a roaring Party and everybody had a great Time!!

WE had the best Venue in Town, the best Animation team and a great Idea for a Party so we just need it the best People to join the Party.

Lets go Party!!!……………………………………………………………………………………………………..