Albert Adrià & the Iglesias brothers have launched countless restaurants and in Barcelona we are spoiled with 6 to choose from, as he calls it a unique attraction park! Albert’s older brother is the world famous Ferran Adrià mastermind behind El Bulli Restaurant.

Discover here the culinary delights of these 6 establishments from the group El Barri



This is a fun exciting venue with a circus theme informal service with food and beverages constantly served, a buzz with a ‘tapas life’ is an exciting way of experiencing gastronomy.


– Combined service (stand up cocktail + sit

down): Maximum 32 people.

– Traditional sit-down service: Maximum 45 people.

– Stand up cocktail style service: Maximum capacity 110 people.








Exceptional venue 700M2 space created by Rafael Aranda, Carme Pigem, and Ramón Vialta in prize winning architecture.

Capacity can offer space up to 70 people in cocktail style

It consists of 6 spaces because the experience is done in different spaces with specific timings:

– The first space is the Welcome, we consider that this space is the first moment where the experience begins with Enigma. A code is given to be able to come in the restaurant, without the code it is not possible to enter.

– The second space is the cocktail area, where you will enjoy snacks and a cocktail.

– The third space is the room where the following dishes are made where you can enjoy the space with its small details.

– The four space you will enjoy finger food where you can feel the passion and respect for the products, enjoying unique elaborations.

– The fifth space you will continue to enjoy finger food and you will be surprised more and more of the elaborations that you present only to you.

– The sixth space is the farewell of this experience where you can feel at home and enjoy cocktails created in 41 º, is something more









Traditional vermouth bar that nods the head to the classical bodega it is simple with a sincere ambiance and authentic aperitifs. In bodega 1900 they work with smoked products, traditional stews, fritters, quality preserves, pickles, cured products and fresh vegetables.

Capacity 30 pax seated plus terrace









This is a tribute to Mexican culture, Albert Adrià and Paco Mendez have joined forces in this creation with a warm welcome for its guests with hand crated furniture and elements from Mexico. This restaurants aim is to be the best Mexican restaurant outside of Mexico!

– Traditional sit down service:

Maximum 45 people

– Cocktail style service:

Maximum capacity 70 people









Japanese style but surrounded by the flavors, colours and traditions of Peru. Pakta means union in Quechua, union of two cultures, union of two cuisines. With a sake and pisco bar at the entrance, in this traditional Japanese taven style architecture and an explosion of Peruvian colors surround the space.

Rounding out the main space, we find the dining


– 7 tables, which together with the sushi bar, are

the perfect setting to enjoy a quiet but cheerful atmosphere.

– Closing the dining space at the end is the kitchen, which is conceived as a light box that suggests the activity of the cooks that are inside.

Depending on the service we would like to provide the client we have different capacities, in any case the price for exclusivity will be the same:

– Traditional sit down service: Maximum 32 people

– Cocktail style service: Maximum capacity 45 people










Informal concept based on urban Mexican street food cuisine so it’s a cosy atmosphere with tacos, tostas and cocktails. The idea of this venue is the showcase all the varieties of dishes that can be found all over the streets, informal places of urban Mexico.

– Traditional sit down service: Maximum 32 people

– Cocktail style service: Maximum capacity 40 people

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