Written by Sofia Mantila

As a leading corporate events company in Barcelona since 2008, CUBICK has hosted many large international Corporate Groups for events such as the Mobile World Congress, Gartner Symposium XPO, and the 4FYN.

Barcelona, a vibrant city known for its unique blend of art, architecture, and culture, has also become a popular destination for corporate events and meetings. With its stunning beaches, historic sites, and bustling business district, Barcelona offers a perfect backdrop for productive business gatherings. For large corporate groups, finding the right accommodations that offer both comfort and excellent facilities during the busy times of networking events is crucial. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top technology events in Barcelona that Cubick has the honor of working with. Contact CUBICK to book an event to save money and time and enjoy the advantages of having expertise advise.

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Mobile World Congress

The MWC takes place over a course of 4 days from February 26-29 at the trade and exhibition center of Fira Barcelona Gran Via. Why is it an event you won’t want to miss? The MWC event provides you with an abundant variety of ways to explore innovation, unlock opportunities, and network with different industry heads from around the world. It is known as the largest and most significant business networking event that takes place in Barcelona year-round. You have the opportunity to network with thousands of people through the use of the provided networking receptions and gardens, using the MWC App in the meantime, and if you get a pass that allows it, you have access to the premium and private networking lounges. You can listen and absorb all the knowledge from keynote speakers at the mainstage, through the conference district, as well as the GSMA seminars and partner programmes. Get inspired by visiting the main showfloor which showcases the different technologies in action as well as the 4YFN startup event that includes pitch stages, demos, and investor programmes.


2024 introduces the tenth year of powering start-ups. The 4YFN is partnered with the MWC and therefore takes place over the same four days from February 26-29. For the tenth year anniversary, the 4YFN is multiplying their halls, stages, and speakers overall making their programmes bigger and better. This year should allow expansion of your insights, inspirations, investments, interactions, and hands-on experience. With an audience of 88,500 people thanks to the partnership with the MWC, this is the perfect event to initiate and propel your world changing ideas.


ISE Barcelona

Integrated Systems Europe has been going on for 20 years and is considered the largest audiovisual integration show in the world. This event takes place from January 30- February 2 and is led by the two largest global audiovisual industries. This event has a collaborative and creative atmosphere by providing pre-show and at-show conferences in addition to keynote speeches that facilitate a variety of networking pathways for you. 

Smart City Expo

This event has been held in Barcelona since 2011 and is known as one of the biggest and most influential events for urban innovation. The most innovative companies, governments, and organizations gather to move cities towards a better and more sustainably developed future. The mission of the Smart City Expo is to facilitate urban innovation across the globe and inspire cities to conquer the challenges of the world today. This three day event is a collective meeting point for academia, entrepreneurs, institutions and public officials to figure out the best and most efficient ways to catalyze a better urbanism.

Gartner Symposium Xpo

This year of 2024 the Gartner Symposium XPO will be held in Barcelona November 4-7. The event is known for the gathering of the world’s most important CIOs and IT Executives where they engage in the technologies and trends that shape the world of IT and business. At the Gartner Symposium XPO they focus on accelerating business information, cyber security, customer experience, data analytics and more. They extensively dive into AI and the role of AI in every industry and job. You won’t want to miss this event if you are looking to interact, collaborate, share experiences and gain insights in the world of technology and artificial intelligence. 

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