Written by Sofia Mantila

As a leading corporate events company in Barcelona since 2008, CUBICK has hosted many large international Corporate Groups for exclusive events and parties at a variety of venues.

Barcelona, a vibrant city known for its unique blend of art, architecture, and culture, has also become a popular destination for corporate events and meetings. With its stunning beaches, historic sites, and bustling business district, Barcelona offers a perfect backdrop for productive business gatherings. For large corporate groups, finding the right accommodations that offer both comfort and excellent facilities during the busy times of networking events is crucial. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the top venues for corporate events in Barcelona that Cubick has the honor of working with. Contact CUBICK to book an event to save money and time and enjoy the advantages of having expertise advise.

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Hotel W – Noxe

People are drawn to Noxe for its sleek, clean, and elegant atmosphere. On the 26th floor you have a unique panoramic view of the city where you can watch the beautiful sunset as it falls over the mountains and the sea. The views paired with the indulging Japanese cuisine and blending cocktails make for an amazing time and experience. This hotel also includes a lively nightclub that holds local DJs and special invited artists that help ensure the atmosphere is what you are looking for.

Hotel W – Coya

In the mood for an immersive night filled with delectable Peruvian foods? Coya provides you with an innovatively curated menu that holds on to some traditional styles of Peruvian cooking. Here you have an exciting variety of food options including vegetable skewers, grilled fish, and meats depending on your dietary preferences. Some people come to eat here multiple times during their visit because it is that hard to resist. If you are looking for a sign to hold an event here, now is the time!

Edition Hotel – Cabaret

Talk about an exciting place to have a corporate event or party. Cabaret is referred to as a micro-club located in the heart of Barcelona. The space offers a sophisticated but sultry nightlife experience with a variety of live music and DJs as well as food and beverage. Cabaret is proud of their dramatic projections, state-of-the-art sound system and immersive lighting which ensures the atmosphere of this place is something you want to experience!

Hotel Mandarin – Bankers Bar

You might wonder where the name of this unforgettable venue came from. At one time being one of the most prominent banks in Barcelona, the Banker Bar has now become a central point for sophisticated and refined socialization when partaking in Barcelona nightlife. The atmosphere is perfect for a professional yet fun corporate party. The bar is the focal point of the room located in the center and the decor of the venue can be described as contemporary and refined as well as traditional yet chic modern. With fine leather seats and elegant, delectable, and thrilling cocktails, this could be the perfect venue for a professional night out with colleagues.


At Gatsby, you have the chance to enjoy mouthwatering dining while being entertained by a fusion of song, dance, and music on stage. The menu includes a variety of Spanish classics and contemporary cuisine that you can indulge in with paired wine or a wide array of tantalizing cocktails. Make sure to enjoy dressing up because this place has a bit of a dress code including upscale fashionable attire and men requiring collared shirts. Here you can experience what it was like to be in the Gatsby film with upscale clothing, beverages, entertainment, and cuisine.


A beautiful Mediterranean restaurant located within the heart of Barcelona. If you are looking for a unique experience where you can get a taste of the traditional cuisine, this restaurant specializes in fish and fresh seafood. The ambience of Jaqueline is connected to the history of Barcelona through the architecture, art, and social experiences that can be seen throughout the city. Choose Jaqueline as your venue if you are looking for a traditional, laid back scene and a magical night of music and delectable plates.

Soho House

Located near La Rambla in a beautiful building within the Gothic Quarter, the Soho house embraces the Catalan design throughout the interior and provides a beautiful view over Port Vell marina. Here you will be able to find a variety of spaces to hold events, gatherings, meetings, drink receptions and whatever else you may desire. If you are looking for a more intimate setting, there are also rooms provided for small parties and comfortable dinings. While it is a membership club, both members and non-members are able to rent a space for both day and evening desires.

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At CUBICK, we take pride in curating unforgettable experiences in these remarkable locations, ensuring that every corporate event is truly extraordinary.

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